Monday, June 27, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Hi Blog Friends,
I recieved The Irresistibly Sweet Award from 2 Bloggy Friends. Sherrie from and Diana from Please stop by and visit thier blogs. Thanks ladies for sharing this award with me
I Have a confession to make . I have recieved quite a bit of awards in the past and i never get around to posting or sharing them. I just find it hard to only pick a few bloggy friends to share them with because i think ALL of you guys are AWESOME and Inspiring. I am going to try to be better about posting my awards from now on.

The rules for this award are:
1. Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include the link.
2. To accept this award, tell 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass this award on to at least 8 other Awesome Blog Buddies.

7 Random Facts about me.

1. I have over 80 Cricut Cartrdiges..ssshhh.. dont tell my
2. I have 2 sons that I adore, I always wanted a girl but now that I have 2 boys, I cannot imagine my life without them.
3. I went to Catholic School my whole life and my Children now both attend Catholic school
4. I love living in So. California. Best place ever to live because I love Disneyland, The Beach and the Mountains.
5. I would love to work part time so that I could have more time to craft ( someday I hope)
6. I volunteer way too much time at my kids school.
7. I have an older sister who has Cerebal Palsy and I help my Mom Care for her when I can
8. (I am adding an extra one). I started my Blog about 3 months ago and I have met so many Amazing Women that I have formed friendships with. I cant wait to meet them in person someday. Love You Guys!!

Here are the 8 Awesome Blogs and Women that I am sharing this award with.

2. Sandy S.
3. Giselle-
4. Lissi ( my neice)
5. Lisa-
6. Jenny-
7. Bonnie-
8. Amber-

Now pass this Sweet Award on to 8 Awesome Blog buddies!

Visiy my blog later this week. I am working on a few cards and will be posting them soon.

See the Cupcake birthday Blog hop post for a chance to win The Birthday Bash Cricut Cartridge!

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Hi Sylvia....

    Thanks to for the award and I want to say.... I Ditto your #8! I can't wait to meet you someday!